Innovative Custom Coatings recognize that aircraft hangars demand a unique set of requirements for maintaining a safe and efficient environment. This is the main reason why we provide an array of solutions tailored to your airplane hangar flooring needs. Distinct from conventional hangar floor coating systems and floor paints currently available, our epoxy floor coating systems offer the strength and durability essential in the demanding airplane hangar setting.

Why Choose Innovative Custom Coatings Aircraft Hangar Floor Coating?

Our hangar floor coatings are designed to endure the harsh effects of aviation fuels, cleaners, waxes, lubricants, corrosive liquids, and other fluids commonly found in air hangars. Even with prolonged exposure to various chemicals, our coating system retains its integrity without staining or deteriorating. Our products facilitate quick, easy, and cost-effective cleanup and maintenance, ensuring spills and messes do not disrupt functionality, regardless of the hangar's size.
Additionally, our aircraft hangar flooring is engineered to resist scratches and other types of damage. When tools and heavy equipment are dropped or dragged, your Innovative Custom Coatings flooring will endure wear and tear, such as scrapes, scratches, and scuffs, thanks to its superior chemical composition.
If you need specific striping or markings on your flooring, we can apply these in any color you choose. Like the flooring itself, the markings possess the heavy-duty properties necessary to maintain their strength when exposed to constant contact with large airplanes and equipment. We offer all standard OSHA required safety marking colors to designate safe or hazardous areas, walkways, and storage zones.
Our ability to deliver attractive and long-lasting flooring at an excellent value is unrivaled. Reach out to us today to discuss your aircraft hangar flooring solution!